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Good quality of medical products with CE, ISO and FDA USA Qualifiction.


Good quality of Mascara products with CE,ISO and FDA
USA Qualification.


Good and variety  quality of Industrial products

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Z.SAILFINZ.SAILFIN to new lands in mascara, medical, and interdental-brush production.The specialist for small mascara and interdental brushes packs a great punch. The future-proof installation delivers exceptional production performances, while guaranteeing consistent great quality. The specialist for twisted-in miniature brushes has little features that make a big difference: Fully automated with integrated twist-in and trimming process, camera-controlled quality inspection, and extension options for contour cutting and handle assembly.
This is the machine newly arrived to our worksite for the extension our product facilities.
And we'll contact our clients with the best qualities of our brushes.

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For the inquiry of any our products-Mascara,Interdental, Industrial and Medical
brushes are welcomed. Please contact us anytime without hesitation.
Much thanks in advance!

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